Kenisha Awasthi speaks about her new show “the cancer bitch”!

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Kenisha Awasthi speaks about her new show “the cancer bitch”

  1. Kenisha, what’s the main attraction for you to sign this show The Cancer Bitch ?

The opportunity to work on a project created by the Legendary Vikas Bahl. The man who gave us the iconic movie Queen

  1. Please brief your character ?

My character is comedic in her manner but a real shark within. Meethi choori would be the perfect adage to define her

  1. Any preparation for this role?

Yes, I watched a lot of content that has similar portrayals and also observed people in real life who are cut out of the same cloth.

4.How was the overall experience during the shoot?

Very gratifying and very liberating.

5.How has the journey been so far ?

I’ve Been very Eclectic so far- I’ve worked extensively as a TV Host and Anchor in live events, then ventured into acting and have done 8 projects in less than 3 years, navigated social media as a content creator and now building a discography as an indie musician. It’s been variant and thrilling.

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