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QTV India is a pioneer in India’s digital news and journalism. Founded in 2020 by Mohd Rais, QTV India is today one of the most credible digital news networks in India. QTV India is primarily an internet journalism company with the flagship website – qtvindia.in – number 1 destination for general. QTV India is proud of how it works and how its news impacts the real world by reaching people with true and credible news.

Creative and credible, QTV India targets the global indian with news that is true and fast. QTV India tells those stories no one else is willing to tell or show. Our team is an assembly of newshounds, story tellers, editors, designers, analysts and reporters.

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Our team is a collective of creative people who will make the right kind of noise for your business. Partner with us to get the clearer, bigger picture, and start new digital trends.

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If you have any query, request, suggestions, pitchers, or tips, please contact us using the contact details below.

qtv india founder

Mohd Rais

Founder of QTV India

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