Indian local stories will go international says Samar Khan

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Indian local stories will go international says Samar Khan

The content on the different online streaming platforms has often been lauded for its novelty and originality. However, with time, the Indian OTT segment is witnessing a surge in content being adapted from international shows. Many international series like Call My Agent, The Night Manager, Out of Love, Hostages, Penoza, Kvodo, and Criminal Justice are being adapted for Indian OTT platforms.

In a recent panel discussion at the IIFTC 2022, Samar Khan, CEO Juggernaut Productions said “It is just a matter of time before we will witness Indian Local stories being adapted for international audiences. I am sure that we will see it happening sooner than we expect. Witnessing our content being adapted in various international languages seems to be the next step.”

Film Tourism Boards of as many as 20 countries including Azerbaijan, Abu Dhabi, Krakow, Kazakhstan, Montenegro, Norway, Oman, Panama, Poland, Sri Lanka, Sweden, and Yas Island to name a few had come to India to participate in the India International Film Tourism Conclave to meet, interact, understand, and offer sops to Indian filmmakers to shoot in their respective countries. Producers and directors from across the country joined the conclave to meet the tourism boards.

“We already have a large Indian diaspora spread across the globe. Successful Indian series have already been seen by many people compared to Korean, Dutch, Israeli, French, or Spanish series. However, the percentage of Indians who may have watched international original content is very less and hence they are being adapted in India. Also, there is a set of audiences who would prefer the Indian adaptation over the original, as they feel more connected to the content” concluded Samar at the panel discussion.

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