Modern Plastics India Award 2023 is the Ultimate and Largest Award in The Indian Plastics Industry.

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Modern Plastics India Award 2023 of the year from the Indian Plastics Industry. Organized in association with German Indian Plastics and Polymers e.V and Modern Plastics Global Network, it is a hunt for the Top brightest entrepreneurs, innovators, and game-changers in the Plastics Sector. Celebrating the most definitive gathering of change-makers and innovators, we invite you to be part of the Inaugural Modern Plastics India Award 2023. We are gearing up to receive thousands of nominations, review and evaluate hundreds of entries every day, so hurry and nominate yourself or your friend, partner, associate, etc. We are looking for disruptive founders, funders, corporate leaders and change makers.

Modern Plastics India, India’s No.1 plastics monthly with global reach and presence celebrating its 22nd Anniversary and planning to have a grand prize distribution ceremony to honour those who have brought the Indian plastics industry to where it is today.

This spectacular event will pay tribute to the great figureheads and pioneers, the entrepreneurs and the mavericks, the great manufacturers in various machine categories, the giants in the ancillary industries, the suppliers of raw materials, the top exporters and importers, and even those who interface and liaise as representatives of the world’s no.1 international brands. Pioneers, the entrepreneurs and the mavericks, the great manufacturers in various machine

These are the ultimate awards of the plastics industry, spread over more than 300 + categories, from a magazine that has been documenting its rise, from bags to riches, and everything else. Modern Plastics India, published by Emerald Groupe, is the most referred and renowned magazine for the plastics, packaging and rubber industries today, and is in its 23rd year of publication.

In fact, the name Modern Plastics India itself is synonymous with the Indian plastics industry and with global plastics activity, thanks to inputs and coverage provided by Emerald Groupe’s US and German partners. Ginu Joseph, Global Group Editor and CEO of Modern Plastics Global Network is a well-known name in the plastics industry worldwide, which he has been a part of for well over 25 years. He is a member of most plastics associations and is a committee member in many of them. Four months in a year are dedicated to travelling overseas, visiting leading manufacturers and also being present at major exhibitions across the globe.

The expertise extends to an advanced team of dedicated staff members who will ensure that the Modern Plastics India Awards 2023 will be a resounding and thumping success, will change the way the world perceives industrial awards and will install new benchmarks when evaluating the individual’s and the company’s contribution to the plastics industry, to environment, and to society!

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